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  • Address: Unit 1 / 31 Anthony Street
  • West End , Queensland , 4101 , Australia
  • Telephone: (07) 3844 5751 or 0407 214 158
  • Facsimile: (07) 3846 3617
  • Email : kevin@afd.com.au
  • P.O Box : Post Office Box 3016,
  • South Brisbane, QLD, 4101, Australia

❢ Showing Collection Dates - Spring Summer 2018

Below are the Spring / Summer 2018 showing dates for our collections. To ensure that we are able to provide you with your preferred date and allocated times please contact us on (07) 3844 5751 at your earliest. The team @ AFD look forward to speaking with you.

Click on the Brand name below to find out more about the collection.

Collection Start Date Finish Date
5PM 5th February 28th March
Boo Radley Spring / Summer 12th February 28th March
Boo Radley High Summer 12th February 28th March
Contony and Contony Black 5th February 28th March
China Doll 19th February 26th March
Emily and Fin 5th February 16th March
Kaja Clothing 5th February 28th March
King Louie 5th February 16th March
La Scala 5th February 28th March
Portobello 12th February 28th March
Solitaire / Samsaara 5th February 28th March
Vivid 5th February 28th March
Weekends by CD 19th February 26th March
Yarra Trail 5th February 15th March
Yesadress 12th February 28th March