How to Use

How to Use AFD


Our new website gives you access 24/7, to view the Stock Labels or Indent Ranges, stocked by your store.  

You’ll need email, and password access
Contact AFD (07) 3844 5751, to receive, if not already.

Unable to access a brand? Want to stock a brand?
Contact AFD (07) 3844 5751 to discuss brand availability

Our new customer portal is a secure system, and has been preset with all your details and developed as a unique email system. It is a secure space, for you to view collections and brands stock by our agency.


1. Click login, top right corner of page
(or on iPad/iPhone -tap menu followed by login)

2. Enter your email, and password

3. Navigate to either the Stock Labels or Indent Ranges directories

4. Click on the brand image for whichever brand you’ll be accessing (remembering, you only have access for brands as stocked by you)

5. Scroll to bottom of individual brand to page – click view

6. Here, you’ll have complete access to view range books, stock available imagery, marketing material.

Got feedback? Contact AFD (07) 3844 5751

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